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TEXT Technology
the journal of computer text processing
TEXT Technology is an eclectic journal for academics and professionals around the world, supplying articles devoted to any use of computers to acquire, analyze, create, edit, or translate texts.

TEXT Technology is edited by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Joanne Buckley has stepped down from being the editor and Text Technology is under new editorial management. As of this upcoming issue Alexandre Sevigny and Geoffrey Rockwell will be co-editing the journal.

TEXT Technology will continue to feature articles and special issues devoted to professional and academic writing and research, software and book reviews, literary and linguistic analyses of texts,
electronic publishing and issues related to the Internet, along with annotated bibliographies of printed and electronic materials of use to those with a decided interest in textual material. Our scope is broad, our readership international. We invite you to become part of that readership.

Geoffrey Rockwell and Alexandre Sévigny, Co-editors