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TEXT Technology / Submission Information
the journal of computer text processing

Submission Information

TEXT Technology
Cordially Invites You To Contribute
Articles For Consideration

Submit three copies of articles in hard copy (double-spaced) and one copy on CD to Geoffrey Rockwell, Co-Editor, TEXT Technology, Humanities Communications Centre Togo Salmon Hall, Room 326, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA L8S 4M2 - Email: georock (at) mcmaster (dot) ca - Phone: 905 525 9140 x 24072 - Fax: 905 577 6930

The preferred word processing program is Microsoft Word up to Word 2000. Articles on disk should also be accompanied by a version in ASCII.

Graphics should be sent as separate .les and not embedded in word processing files. Graphics should be saved as separate .les in postscript (.ps), encapsulated postscript (.eps), or tagged image .le (.tif) format.

Except for pagination and italics, do not format the document with any word processing style commands or codes.

The maximum word length is 8,000. Remove any identifying information from the body of the paper to facilitate blind review.

The preferred style is MLA. Do not use footnotes. Any notes should be numbered and entered at the end of the paper. Do not embed any notes in any style commands.

Please include a 100-150 word abstract, a short biographical description and a cover letter with your address and email address.

Copyright Information

By submitting your article for publication, you grant Text Technology a non-exclusive licence to edit and publish the article for any purpose and in any format or medium. This enables us to publish your article in different types of media, but you retain the copyright and are free to make the article available elsewhere as pre-prints or reprints. If you do pre-print or reprint the article, we ask that you
include a reference, with complete bibliographic citation, to the Text Technology Journal.

Upon acceptance of your article, we will ask that you agree to these terms and warrant that the article is your own original work. A full copy of the licensing terms is available online at If you have any questions about these arrangements, please contact the editor at georock (at) mcmaster (dot) ca.